Join Me in New York in May

Join Me in New York in May

Discussing the NYC Autism Tech, Innovation, and Careers Expo on May 7 2022 at the High School of Art and Design- organised by Richard Schreiber (CEO NYC Autism Community Group).

Show notes

Become an advocate, ambassador or even an Executive Producer - and receive bonuses/merch/livestreams -

Topics discussed:

  1. NYC Autism Tech, Innovation, And Careers Expo 2022 at the High School of Art and Design on 7th of May
  2. Why ND business owners/exhibitors should be there.
  3. This is not a "one and done" thing - we want to take this around the world!
  4. Want to be part of it, as an attendee, virtual attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor - contact me through Linkedin/Socials.

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